Thanks Everyone

Today was the last day to make the boomblauwoog website number one in Google. We ended today at the fourth place! So thank you very much for clicking to the boomblauwoog website. I shall now stop spamming about it  🙂


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The life of a boomblauwoog

The boomblauwoog, does she excist or not?

It’s a new phenomana that’s discovered this past last months at the ‘Katholieke Hogeschool, Mechelen’. A group of experts have visit this butterfly in the famous ‘Kruidtuin park’, where the first persons saw a blue butterfly with a black border around his wings…

So began the story some months ago! Do you want to know more about the  boomblauwoog and what it’s doing all day long?

Visit for all the latest new!!!

You don’t have to visit other sites, because we will bring you all the real news about this butterfly!


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First Belgian Boomblauwoog Look-A-Like Contest

Vote for your favorite boomblauwoog!

The 10 nominees are:

1)  Ann Sofie Mouton
Nominatie 10 

2) Britt Scheveningen
Nominatie 9

3) Jonas Vankerke
Nominatie 8

4) Ciara Tafu
Nominatie 7

5) Peter Devriese
Nominatie 6

6) Mieke Steenkiste
Nominatie 5

7) Stefanie Jacobs
Nominatie 4

8) Lieselot Kleppens
Nominatie 3

9) Kathleen Spijkers
Nominatie 2

10) Caroline Colu
Nominatie 1

Vote for your favorite boomblawoog look-a-like by submitting the number of your favorite boomblauwoog in this post!

The winner will be announced on the website: 

The boomblauwoog jury 

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Boomblauwoog goes classic

Boomblauwoog is proud to present his first dutch single:

Is het een vliegtuig, is het een vogel? Neen dat is het niet, het is een boomblauwoog dat je aan de hemel ziet.

Everyone who want’s the boomblauwoog as performer at your party, can make an appointment with his bookings agency.

You can find alle the information on this website.

Boomblauwoog entertainment


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Boomblauwoog and Paris?

And yes, hollywood has just offered a play to the boomblauwoog and who’s there, Paris Hilton. She made a call this morning to the boomblauwoog to go out some time. It’s doubtfull that the boomblauwoog will take this opportunity because his best friends, the yellow koekoeksvlinder and the green salamandervlinder aren’t happy with it.

Furhter more, there are some more rumours about the movie transfomers 2. The butterfly isn’t a strong male symbol, so they want’t to use the boomblauwoog as the gay version of optimus prime… Not a very attractive  offer if you ask me. So we can be sure, our popular boomblauwoog will stay in the kruidtuinpark (Mechelen)

From your pomul news agency

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The boomblauwoog in a movie?

There are rumours that the boomblauwoog had a call from Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay for their second transformer movie. They are looking for som animals for the film, and the boomblauwoog is one of them.

His strong personality and stunning apperaences is attracted their attention to bring the boomblauwoog to hollywood. The question however is: “Can the boomblauwoog survive in the VS, away from belgiuim (kruidtuinpark in Mechelen) and his friends.

Another thing that has to be considered, shall the movie have any effect on the image of the boomblauwoog?

More information, soon on


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Contest ‘Count the boomblauwoog butterfly on the internet’

To ensure the boomblauwoog hype, we created this funny contest.

Count the number of boomblauwoog butterfly’s on the internet.

 They can hide behind a hyperlink, fly around a blog and even get stuck in the meta tags.

A hint: Don’t search at wikipedia because they have an anti-boomblauwoog campagne. They called it spam, very strange.

But no problems with other sites, go and find the boombluwoog and post your number of butterfly’s here! The person with the right answer can win a giant stuffed boomblauwoog butterfly  doll 🙂


 You can start at the official boomblauwoog site:  

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Do you know the boomblauwoog

Hi everybody! Do you know the boomblauwoog? No? Shame on you! 🙂 The boomblauwoog is a butterfly who lives in Mechelen, a cute town in Belgium. Do you want to know more about this little insect, visit It’s in Dutch, because we don’t know which language it speaks. Please visit each day. It’s a school project to bring this website to the top of Google. Thanks!

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